Terms & Conditions

Matti Crane Inc. makes every effort to provide fast and efficient service, however we shall not be held responsible for any costs whatsoever incurred for lost time or material due to failure of our equipment, inclement weather, strikes or lockouts or any circumstances beyond our control.
Our cranes come fully equipped with rigging, nylon slings, cables, shackles, concrete bucket and two man basket. Free to be used only with our cranes.

  • No minimum hourly rental.
  • No over time work charges.
Established Credit Accounts:
Balance due 14 days from date of invoice. A service charge of 2% per week applies to all delinquent accounts. Any discount or reduction from our published rates, reflected in the attached quotation, is applicable only if account remains in good standing. Quoted prices are subject to availability of equipment. All quotations are valid for a period of 60 days, unless otherwise specified. Discounts do not apply if accounts are delinquent.
The Customer:
The customer is responsible for providing clear access for equipment and crews and any towing costs. Rental rates will continue to apply during waiting period. The customer is responsible to provide, if it is required, permits, parking, traffic control, and competent rigger. The customer agrees- should the grounds or site be unfit and the machine operator is instructed to proceed by customer or agent, the customer assumes full liability for payment of any expenses incurred in removing machine from job site. To avoid these costly delays, our sales personnel will assist you in locating a safe and clear working area for the machines. Please call in advance for assistance.
Matti Crane Inc.:
Shall not be responsible for any damage to access or working areas, such as sidewalks, underground services, parking lots, concrete driveway, sod or asphalt. If by reason of a fortuitous event or irresistible force, transportation or delivery of services cannot be made within the stipulated time limit the company (Matti Crane Inc.) Will not be liable in damages for the delay. No claims will be accepted unless noted on the worksheet at completion, and hereby agrees to the terms & conditions contained herein. We maintain comprehensive insurance coverage. Certificates can be provided on request.
Extra personnel:
All of the rates include the services of an operator. If you require additional assistance, Matti Crane Inc. can provide trained personnel such as riggers and Operator Hoisting Engineer.
Travel time:
From our yard to job site, one hour each way at the applicable machine rental rate.
Payment Terms:
Interac, Visa, MasterCard and American Express accepted.
All rates are subject to change without notice and to availability of equipment noted herein.
10% – 25% discount reward for C.O.D.
Taxes: Any applicable taxes are extra.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your valued business.

Matti Crane