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GX Series

The self-erecting cranes of the “GX” series are new and innovative, offering a kind of flexibility that no other machine on the international market can offer, with matchless volumes of features, both in transportation and in work configuration. The GX is a truly modern crane that can meet any needs. Building sites that were impossible to access with any other crane are no longer a problem.

GA Compact Series

Safety, reliability, economy and user friendliness make the “GA Compact” cranes the ideal machines for modern building applications. Particular attention was given to accessibility during the design process. One of the major issues with today’s jobs is the fact that more and more building sites involve reconstruction, which requires machines to access the kinds of spaces which until today were not accessible.

Benefits of Self Erecting Tower Cranes

Self-erecting cranes are the most suitable when working on smaller construction sites. They are the most practical for projects that are of a shorter duration and that require frequent transport, setting up, erecting and dismantling.

  • These cranes are straightforward, fast, and autonomous.
  • Installation and commissioning can be completed in less than one day.
Look at how quickly a self erecting crane can be installed!

self-erecting-crane-rentalAll of the self-erecting cranes require three phase 380v-400v. The power supply can be either mains electric or a diesel generator. On most occasions the crane can be towed onto site but where access is limited it is possible to lift the crane either into or out of its working position.

Whether or not a dedicated base is needed depends on several factors such as ground conditions and crane model selected.

We have had up to three cranes working on projects. Replacing a larger crane with two or more Self-Erecting Tower Cranes can result in higher productivity by reducing waiting time for trades.

When not in use the rotation / slew brake must be released to allow the crane weather vane this allows the crane to present the smallest surface area to the wind. All the cranes are fitted with wind speed meters which alert the crane operators of the current wind speed on site while using the crane.

There are two ways cranes are normally transported. If the crane has high speed road axles fitted it can be towed with your standard articulated / rigid truck however as these high speed axles are expensive most cranes are fitted with site axles which are capable of moving the cranes around site and onto a low loader trailer similar to that used to move excavators etc.

They are fitted with radio remote controls which allow the operator to walk around site as he operates the crane . This eliminates the need for a second person to give signals to the crane operator as he can always be in sight of his load . Should the remote control fail to work for some reason a cable control can be connected to the crane until the remote control is serviceable.

These machines erect themselves on site without assistance of any other lifting equipment.

When the crane is erected on site the service engineer calibrates the lifting capacities of the equipment. These are not accessible by the crane operator at any stage there after. Unlike other lifting equipment once the equipment reaches its maximum the overload limit switches are activated and the crane hoist and trolley movements are automatically restricted with no over ride option available to the operator.

Self-erecting cranes can be erected / dismantled within a few hours. Times vary from model to model.

We can supply you with crane operator if needed.

HDT 80

The HDT 80 self erecting tower crane is designed with jobsite efficiency and flexibility in mind. Rapid assembly and erection ensure maximum uptime on the site while compact dimensions and shorWe considered the ground adjustments needed to avoid making tire ruts with a rough-terrain crane and decided to use a self-erecting crane instead,” he said. “Our operators found these cranes extremely easy to erect and operate. I would recommend them to other contractors.”

There was significantly less ground preparation required for the Potain self erecting tower cranes.

Another feature that adds to the efficiency of self erecting cranes is the remote control. The remote allows operators to stay with the load they are picking and help guide it into place. This eliminates some of the chance of error in hand signals and communication between the crane operator and a worker guiding the load into place.

Potain self erecting cranes also have a minimal environmental impact. The cranes employ electric motors, which have no engine emissions; reduced fuel costs and are very quiet.

And, quiet cranes are particularly important when working in a close campus setting, Whitt said.

“The fact that these cranes operate very quietly is certainly an asset for contractors working in close proximity to other commercial or educational facilities,” Malek said. “Furthermore there are no fumes from a diesel engine, which suits a lot of working locations.” t rear slewing radius allow the crane to be set up in close proximity to structures.


pic-2 6.6 USt pic-3 112.2 ft
pic-1 1.5 USt pic-4 147.6 ft


  • 3 different mast heights
  • Multiple jib configurations
  • Optional wireless remote
  • 480v power source
  • 176.2 ft maximum hook height with jib at 30º
  • Optional mast-mounted movable cab


Canadian Professional Crane Inc. Supplying Self Erecting crane rental with or with out operator

The (HD-25) is a small Self-Erecting Tower Crane 61’ (18.5M) & or 86’ (26’5M) under hook.

The Jib reaches 89’ and lifts 1760 lbs (800 kg) at the tip. Maximum lift 4,410 lbs.

Operates quietly and pollution free, completely environmentally friendly, low monthly rental.

In less than Four hours the crane can be setup and put to work, Canadian Professional Crane Inc. Also, we can supply you with Certified Hoisting Engineer if required, (Crane Operators) for all our cranes. The operators can operate easily any where on site with their remote control, quick sit up.

GA 138




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